The tutorials of Katrin Tent (Computable functions on the reals) and Ralf Schindler (The evolution of inner models) are in Room 65. All other tutorials, the plenary talks and the Gödel lecture are in “Aula”.

Special sessions

A1: Model Theory (Room 65)
Hans Adler, Alf Onshuus
A2: Model Theory (Room 65)
Yevgeniy Vasilyev, Antongiulio Fornasiero

B1: Logic and Category Theory (“Aula”)
Andrej Bauer, Richard Blute
B2: Logic and Category Theory (Room 65)
Steve Awodey, Colin S. McLarty

C1: Set Theory (Room 65)
Dima Sinapova, Martin Zeman
C2: Set Theory (Room 65)
Grigor Sargsyan, Assaf Rinot

D1: Philosophical Logic (“Aula”)
Philippe Balbiani, Istvan Nemeti
D2: Philosophical Logic (“Aula”)
Roman Kontchakov, Frank Wolter

E1: Computability Theory (“Aula”)
Serikzhan Badaev, Andrei Morozov
E2: Computability Theory (“Aula”)
George Barmpalias, Denis Hirschfeldt

Contributed talks

July 31, Friday

August 1, Saturday

August 4, Tuesday

August 5, Wednesday